A Surprise From Uni…

i checked my letter box today and found that there were a few letters from uni… and they were all outdated letters as i wasnt at home for so many days…

and there was this BIG envelope and with handwritten words on the envelope from uni… *weird* so then i opened it… it’s a POST CARD!! *WTF* i was wondering why did uni send me a post card… then i read the words written on it… TA MA DE!! it’s from QS korkor… and it’s a great ocean road post card, sent on 11 july from 3269 CAMPBELL victoria!! duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh~~~ he actually sent to my uni and the uni resent it to me as he didnt have my address…

BUT… what the hell!! you stupid korkor, i cant believe that you were in australia and you didnt even bother to inform me? *ARRGHHHH* you better tell me that it wasnt you who sent it and you actually asked someone to send it… i dont know how to forgive you… MA DE!!!

anyhow… at least, this lil post card really did put a smile on my face this morning… thankiew… =)


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