Buhbye Chan and Welcome New Housemate…

sent chan yee off to the airport on tuesday’s night and it was a very dramatic night… chan and yuan didnt have the chance to have the last hug and not even a hug just because of 2 seconds late… chan yee had to leave while yuan was RUNNING there… and chan yee was forced by the security guy to go in, she slowly walked in, was hoping to see yuan again… the door closed, chan went in… and yuan arrived… really dramatic… yuan kept asking W-H-Y… WHY WHY WHY didnt chan yee wait for her… and her tear dropping… *poor yuan*

after 1+ hour waiting in the airport, finally my new housemate arrived… Jeffrey from malaysia… he is now temporarily staying in my house till he got himself a place to stay…

brought him to the bank yesterday… and i saw 3 cute piggie banks on the table and so i asked the attendant how to get that… he told me that it costs 50bucks!! *MA DE* but then, after a minute, another CUTE CUTE CHUBBY UNCLE passed the piggie to me!! and FOR FREE!! *muaahahahhahahahahahaha~~~* probably he thought that the piggie was my long lost sister… =P anyhow… I LOVE PIGGIE

my piggie…. so adorable…

my piggie and i… muacks… *ignore the ghost behind*

jeff and i…

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yeah what a dramatic night.. but it was sad cause couldnt say the last goodbye.. 🙁

WAHHHHH somebody sOOOOOOOO close with jefferry oledi hahaha…… maybe can have road in between the journey right? haha hes kindda funny ma hahaha. caN TEase him one..
very secocok also wor.. hahaha. *cheers* visit meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee before ur hols end!

oklar oklar… i will bring YOUR jeffrey there also ok… hahahahahahaha… =P
he is driving all the time edi… i have a driver edi… =P

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