yeay!! finally another visit to Fallscreek!! this time with a huge gang of people… 24 of us, we rented a mini bus and hired a driver to drive us there… we departed at 3am and reached there at around 9am… it’s such a long journey man!!

and hey!! it’s SNOWING!! wooohooo~!~! lucky me huh!! both times in fallscreek also snowing leh~~~ hehehehe… yea, basically, you feel happy when you see snow… BUT… it’s so damn cold ok!! especially… when you go skiing or boarding… ok, finally i had my FIRST snow sports experience after 3 visits to the snow mountains… and guess what, i played snowboarding!! ahduh… yea, it’s relatively harder then skiing… imagine that you cant use the 2 blindman sticks to help you to balance and you cant open your both legs wide to balance… *arrrgghhh*

well, i guess i fell down around 1000 times… and also thankx to my friends that didnt care about me… they left me… so i was there falling, getting up, falling, getting up by myself… luckily there was this guy, Irwan *veron’s friend* also as dumb as me!! wkakakaka… so we both falling together… ahahahhaa… the wind was so strong… the snow kept hitting on my face *PAIN* and i couldnt even stand still while the wind blew towards me… arrrgghh… and SO COLD!! i was afraid that my ears would fly away together with the wind as my ears already frozen…

but then after awhile, i felt damn hot weik!! why? EXERCISING lar!! imagine that i kept falling down like madzz… and getting up was really TOUGH man!! worse when it was too fast and i was worrying that i might lose control, and thus i had to BRAKE but i didnt know how!! so, the only way to brake is to FALL!! *my poor butt*

after so much of exercise… i felt so tired… but… i was still nowhere on the mountain… HOW HOW HOW!! at last, i had this idea, to SIT on the board instead of STANDING!! yes baby!! that’s the way!! it was so much fun, and relaxed… and FUNNY when Irwan’s board left him… yes, his board ran away!! and he was chasing his board by running down hill while i was enjoying my ride on my board…

oh well… a very exhausted trip~~ left at 4pm and reached in the city around 10pm… tiring man!!!!


today… whole body aching man!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrghhh~~ feeling so uncomfortable…!!! duh~~

went to safeway and noticed that CADBURY is cheap!!!! yeah… so i bought all these… 4 bars of Breakaway and 2 bars of Dairy Milk… Loklok and Bobo sure dripping saliva edi… wakkakakakakakaka…

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