Saddening Me…

aiskkzz… i am in trouble again!! how come i have this kinda mood one ar… like PMS only… *fark* i feel so depressed again!!! bah~~~

i have no mood again!!

i wanna eat, but i dont know what i wanna eat… pasta? no. rice? no. noodles? no. steaks, lamb chops, thai food? YES!! but where? no one… THEN?

i wanna study, but i dont know where to start from… AFA? no. AMA? no. TL? no. CA? no. THEN?

i wanna do something, but i dont know what to do… assignments? no. clubbing? no. K? no. sleeping? no. chatting? no. THEN?

i wanna go somewhere, but i dont know where to go… city? no. footscray? no. clayton? no. KL? YES!! but i cant…

i wanna go shopping to buy something, but i dont know what to buy… clothes? no. accessories? no. shoes? no. bags? no. THEN?

i feel like doing all these things, i would love to!! i am serious!! BUT… i dont know what exactly i want…

damn it!! what’s wrong man!!

it’s just like i told my friend that… i feel like getting a bf… so that someone could calm me down, could pamper me… blablabla… but then I DONT WANT A BF!! ahahahha… sounds ridiculous right!! it’s like… yea, i NEED one to make me happy, to make me feel loved… but i just dont want it!! i dont want to commit… i am not ready to commit…

i am just another psycho fella… i think…

i think none can understand me, as i dont even know what i want, dont ask me… i will just reply you with ‘I DONT KNOW’

i think i just wanna live with myself ALL ALONE!! not talking to anyone, not doing anything, not going anywhere… so then i can be myself!! that’s me!! I DONT WANT TO DO ANYTHING!! bahhhhhhhh~~~

living in a SOCIETY is saddening… i am tired of doing something that i dont feel like doing but i HAVE TO DO!! have to talk, when i dont feel like… have to smile, when i dont feel like… have to act happy, when i am not… ishhhh…

it’s MERDEKA!! and why is everyone acting so excited? are they really happy with it…? oh well, i dont feel A SINGLE THING!! it’s just another boring day that i have to live on… why is everyone screaming there for merdeka? really that interesting huh? really that happy eh? i cant feel it…

i have no feeling for ANYTHING!!!


haiihzz… what an emo + psycho entry… guess none can undestand, including myself…

One reply on “Saddening Me…”

MERDEKA wat ler …….

I just spent my day playing DOTA at Inferno for freakin’ 10 hours

while every other lowlife is partying in pubs, cafes and disco ….. hahahahahahah
what’s so special about merdeka ?

The country is still in BAD shape even after all these years …… duh !!!

btw, eRiCCa …… your Problems can be solved not by Panadol Menstrual …… but this is a case of u need to be a NUN ….. 😛 …… heard the word of “Six Root Serenity” I think ….. hahahahahaah ……. in Cantonese called ” Luk Gun Ching Jing”


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