You Brainless Arsehole!!

well, i think i shouldnt be mad at you… just becasue that you are brainless… you dont know how to behave like how you are supposed to be for your age… you are just another brainless kid acting inconsiderate all the time… you dont know what is wrong and what is right… you do whatever shit you want… and thinking that you are all right… oh yea, you are feeling nothing just because that we think that you are just a KID!! acting innocent… face the real world and you shall DIE!!!

you farking think that other people would just do what you want, like your slaves!!! please dont ask people to do things while you actually can do it yourself… and dont ASSUME what people are thinking in their minds… YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO DO SO!! as you have no brain to think properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

selfish arsehole!!! only know how to think for yourself!! oh yea, forgotten that your brain only ABLE to think for yourself… too small to think for others… cool…

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wah who make u so angry? wat happen? ur housemate make you so angry ah? never mind don’t care just SMILE by the way i’m just a visitor who come accros your blog

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