Petrol Day!!

yea ar!! RECORD ar!! first time in my life i filled petrol ON MY OWN weik!!! usually i asked people to help me… but today i did it myself!! WOOOHOOOOO~~~~

BUT… i couldnt make it the PROPER way… usually, people just stuck in, then press then it will fill automatically VERY FAST somemore… but then… when i stucked in… pressed… then it went “TAK” then stopped filling edi… so i had to SLIGHTLY press to fill 2 cents by 2 cents… MA DE!! for that freaking petrol i gotta press for more than 5 minutes… then in the middle got this guy came over to ask me for direction somemore, and i stopped there talking to him… i think the whole process took me more than 10 minutes… people sure thought that i have a 100L petrol tank… then till the end of the filling process, my fingers went NUMB edi… DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… luckily not filling FULL TANK…

yeay~ finally met up with my Ah Yee and Yee Zhang… *my aunty and uncle* had korean dinner with them… and… *SURPRISE* badawi_rocks aka ryan was there too, and finally these 2 primary classmates (yongyuan and ryan) met up again after YEARsssssss… but this brainless yongyuan couldnt recognise ryan~~ HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA… =P

anyway, nice meeting up with my relatives… *feeling so warm* and my mom brought me… CACTUS JUICE… *WTF* coz of the infamous BIRD FLU lar!! i have to drink this SUCKY drink!! duh~~~~

damn!! the korean dinner killed my diet~~~ i lost count on the CALORIES man!! iiiiiiiiiisssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

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