ok… i am introducing this new word…

Phototropism or heliotropism are botanical terms for an organism response to light.

if the growth movement is toward light, so it is called “negative phototropism”.

quoted from wikipedia

i found this interesting scene happened on the Choy Sum on the floor in my kitchen. it stands right up straight and growing taller and taller day by day, as i have a ceiling light on on the ceiling. but, there is no water, i wonder how it is going to stay alive…?

day 1…

day 2…

day 3…

i wonder if i keep this so called experiment going, when can i eat the choy sum…? but probably after days, i will have MORE choy sum to eat… *grinz*

ok, since some people like n305er dont know what is Choy Sum… and here goes the definition…

Choy sum (choi sum) (Brassica rapa var. parachinensis or Brassica chinensis var. parachinensis) is sometimes referred to as a flowering pak choy or Chinese flowering cabbage.

quoted from Queensland Government, click for more info about Choy Sum…

also thanks Louyeh for the help of finding the above site.

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aiseh man… i am sure that you dont know how to differentiate vegetables one… where got look like brocolli… not even 20% maybe they look same as… same GREEN color…

this is… Choy Sum lar… i dont know what’s in english, but confirmed not brocolli… hahahahhaa…

Cis! I eat “Choi Sum” almost everyday. I love “kai Nan” and “hai Chai”. “Ong Teh Cai” is something like Potato leaves but both of them tastes different… 😛

hahaha….. i also donno how to differentiate all these vege 1 wor 😛

ahh… phototropism.. so long din use this word liao since studying science in secondary skool 😛

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