Mr. Teoh…

*muacks* i love mr. teoh~~~~ hahahahhaa… this accounting lecturer in sunway… i was his student when i was in sunway…

then i emailed him days before about some study tips on what sorta questions will be out for my coming exam… but i didnt tell him who i am and that i am not a sunway student *but i doubt he actually remembers me*

he was being so nice replying my email saying ‘SORRY’ to me as he had no idea… then i didnt reply edi… who knows when i checked my mailbox just now, he sent me another reply!!!!!!! wooohooo~~~ so happy, NO, he didnt tell me any tips… but then i am now so happy that he is so nice… he gave me his phone number, he asked me to call him for consultation and all…

unlike the other lecturer that i emailed, he replied me ‘who are you’… *WTF*

*melting* why got such a nice lecturer one… awwwwwwwwwwww… i think i need to buy chocolate for him edi when i am back… WAKAKKAKAKAKA~~~ should marry to him also if he is still single!! *ahhahahahaha* but i doubt so… =P

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nvm, probably it’s just another person who wanna irritate me this way… but… too bad lar… i already got used to this kinda ADMIRERS edi… enjoy admiring then, i am too lazy to do anything edi… *llalallalalaa~~*


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