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AnnChin says:
haiiii…………but u also have to see & think lah…..Wat we gather all the info in Msia……now…every one talking if your children studying oversea….if they get job there bette lah….. come back….will problem…. the place also full crimes… eetc,…… so we as parents…. how???

ok… i am tired, i am seriously very tired… been arguing for the same topic non-stop for so long… you have never changed your mind, me too never planned to change… but now… I AM CHANGING!! enough… more than enough… i will do what you want me to do… ok!!!!

you have been asking me to plan for myself, think for myself… yes, i really do, and i know what i want and what i dont want… i know that i hate to be here, i know that how much i wish that i can go home… all the time, you SEEM to be very supportive, SEEM to give me much freedom for my future… but, on the other hand, you have never tried to give up on hoping for the miracle that i will one day decide to stay here… it’s all your wish…

every now and then, people coming from here and there keep telling me that staying is good, and in fact, the ONLY BEST CHOICE… meaning if i go back to malaysia = wrong… and so, when i say i dont wanna stay means i am wrong, means that i dont know how to think, means that my future will be sucks, means that i am a failure… all you telling me is my way is wrong, your way is right… you will stop nagging me until i say that ‘YES, I WILL STAY’…

so that my future will be working, working and working, saving up all the money until the day i die… and i will be dying with all my money!! i will be a rich ghost!! i bet that time i cant define what is a LIFESTYLE…

so if i stay, what would the reasons be? TWO reasons! first… the RM to AUD exchange rate, 3 : 1… very high huh, but does it matter me if i work here and i spend it here? NO! so who? of coz my parents in malaysia who will be freaking happy if i send them AUD1k and they will be getting RM3K… second… the reason is, staying here = right, going back = wrong, i have to do the right thing, so i have to stay. fullstop.

so, do i actually have a choice? the answer is NO! stop telling me that people are just giving ADVICES… bullshit!!! they are just telling me what to do…

can you please not making me to hate myself? not making me to hate staying alive? i already hate it to study here, staying here for that few years already such a pain, and you want me to stay here to work, to stay for long… GOOD, i will be hating my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Baby Ericca, don’t be so sad.
Alot of people doing something which is not their choice.
After you get your PR, then you can come go back to Malaysia anytime.
I think you apply the PR while still inside the Australia is easier than offshore.
Good luck.

yeap, we are our parents hopes. Then where’s ours? Thats gonna be our childrens, continue and continue. Pathetic

erm… thankx yuri… yea, at first i thought of just getting a PR offshore, but now… whether i am going back to malaysia or not is still the question… by the way, why is it easier to get it ONSHORE? what’s the difference between it? and… why suddenly call me BABY ERICCA edi one…? O_o

ahhahahahaha… zs, if i continue like this, i doubt that i will have my children… i will be hating my life soon, real soon… and dont tell me about my children… i wont even have a BF…

well, i personally don’t know what to say abt it because, in a way, working oversea is better. the conversion rate is attractive, you work there, spend there, but its different than work here and spend here. the ratio of cost of living is relatively cheaper over there.

for instance, a LV bag, it costs you AUD1000 maybe? and here maybe RM3000. however, would it be more affordable for you if you were to earn 2000USD compared to RM2000? there are a lot of things to consider actually, but if you are considering working for your whole life, stay in aussie. if you are planning for biz, you can consider coming back msia as msia is still developing, a lot of market has yet to mature or saturate. thus, vast opportunity, but that’s of course you need to consider the fact that you must have some good biz idea. on the other hand, msia has all these politics and kulitfication, pros and cons. anyhow, if you’re good, you wont be bad in anywhere.

seriously, if you know msia market for workforce, you wont be working. think about it, a fresh graduate, for a biz grad especially, could be making 1.5k on average, max (bear 2k). if you ever think of living by yourself, renting room outside, 1.5k is merely making a life, dont even think of saving. and dont even think of pursuing your branded life style. no where near. say you get up to management level, probably 6k, that’s good enough, and in msia, you are considered the pretty much good living. but in aussie, perhaps you can get up to 10kaud/mo. that’s the diff.

think again… sometimes, the world isn’t as simple as it is. ‘wish / desire cannot treated as rice to eat’ hope you understand. if desire is ultimate to everything, i wish i could sleep play and sky rains money.

anyway, this was not discouraging you, just providing you another sight of life… whatever your decision is, you have my full support!

yea, so right… so life is all about money, money and money… so i should stay here and work for ALL THE MONEY and i will lose myself…

i believe everyone forget about aussie tax… and their expensive meal, rental…. their high internet charges and most important no epf… meaning to say if u go to other country that’s it lah all ur tax masuk their poket.
and their highly professional job. Don’t do whatever is not in their scope. they have 4 seasons… u may sick when the season change…. 1 yr fixed 4 times… i don’t like aus…

for me, my parents will only advise a few times.. decision will be made only by me.. I’m not their puppet. Their task is to make sure I can grow up and my task is to take care of them when they’re old but of coz things can be negotiated lah.. My parents even prepared their own resources when they’re old.

I fell if the parents say u must follow their say, this is something i think either they do not have the freedom to decide or they’re not educated.

[Materia-]Realistic people think they are smart, I ain’t goind to give a damn about them.

I just want a simple and inordinary life, I want to contribute to my country, I don’t want to make the ‘mistake’ my uncles and relatives did.. so, why not Malaysia?

Money is not everything, and how much more wonderful their lifestyle can be?

that’s why i think though… money is not everything, having all the money cant buy you happiness… but… money is somehow something important in life though…

i’m not but i’m there to accompany my gf for 4 mths just because her parents want her to graduate from oversea… i’m from local college… so i graduate 1st and go there lor….

huh…? just to be there for 4 months then can be considered as an overseas graduate? then why do people spend so many years?

Personnaly I think 4 months cannot compare to the 4 years in oversea loh.
4 months also not bad , can consider ” jum kor ham sui”

i personnally dont wish i need to take a plane when i wanna tell u how happy i am n how sad i am … and by the time the flight reached aus… my feeligns might be all gone edi… aih…. why like that geh….

Personally I think one’s capability is not defined by how many months or years he or she has spent in oversea-study.

A cert does not prove everything afterall.

no,…life is all about lov, not money! but..u work there 10 years come bck rest 30 years wor…, also good wor.erm..but no way, u hav to come bck, and before x’ u hav no choice actually, cos u had promise something…kekeke…

ooo everyone mis understand already… i go there for 4 mths after completed my degree lah.. of coz she been there long before me.

I think rest for 30 yrs abit too long…

try to work in australia n see… their staff control their boss.. 10 yrs working also will short of 10 yrs overall life… somemore they don’t like Asian and their staff like us in Asian to escalate their case to the highest management so that people know they’re always bz working.
Each case need 1 ticket. No ticket, no work even priority 1 case.

My dear eRiCCa, starting out in aussie is not easy ler especially for us freshies. Unless you have the financial backing. Most of my frens who stayed back do not need to worry much abt their financials because they have relatives to shelter them. Get ur PR if u have the chance. I lub Melb! I lub eRiCCa 4eva!

my godzzz… erm… well, i would say that i am not worried about my daily expenses and all… they are not much though, can be covered by working part time if you have got a full time job… and to be frank, part time sometimes earn MUCH more than a full time…

ah… but msia’s crimes rate is increasing.. my parents want me to stay here too.. but i only have to make the decision 3 years later hehe..

but melb is not so bad after all =p at least if i left my purse in the changing room for hours i can still get it back…

most of my frens in kl already went working overseas, eg. spore(ah everyone is going there), us, uk, taiwan… so it doesnt make much difference if i go back in sense of friendship. as for family, my parents stay like few months with me here every year =p

and i am earning enough here (just as lecturer assistant and demonstrator) to go shopping every week. eating out is expensive, but cooking at home is cheap.

biggest drawback would be the high tax at 29% but with pr u are paying 15% right? also, we can claim back the taxes after one financial year, m i rite? (havent done tht b4)

of coz it doesnt means i prefer aus over msia =) i plan to learn as much as possible here in go back to contribute, maybe after few years of working here. coz i worked in msia academic area b4 and i couldnt learn much there due to lack of experts and grants.

so, getting a pr after all does not means have to be here forever =) but most important, choose a path where you think will make you stay happy, and dont regret. good luck!!

hey… another NEW visitor!! =) welcome… and thankx for the comments… i will worry about this matter again… soon… but not now =)

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