Tired de KEN Day…

KEN had been popping out for so many times today…

let’s start from… ok, i went to sleep at 1am last night *or this morning* then suddenly woke up from sleep at 3am… as usual i checked my sms and msn and ym… then i saw this someone msged me… so went on talking to him lor… but then it went to a very confusing discussion –> i saw you, i thought you saw me, i didnt see you, i wasnt pissed, i thought you were pissed… damn 38 arguing during midnight… somemore mid of the sleep somemore… aiseh… it went on and on until… 6am, i got ready to go to college edi… so… i only slept for 2 hours!!

then i was like a fisherGIRL in the class man!! the eyes kept closing, it didnt work though even i kept moving here and there, pinching myself, sending sms, pulling my hair… trying to make myself awake… arrggghhh… finally, i was awake for 5mins as the girl behind me accidentally kicked my back while i was ALMOST asleep… wahlao, this kick really woke me up man!! but it only lasted for 5mins… *shiatz* i quickly went to the cafeteria to get myself a can of nescafe and then asked KEN to fetch me to his house for me to sleep for 20mins during the break and also i wanted to charge my phone…

who knows this idiot was watching 恶魔在身边… yea lar, i watched before, but then last episode damn touching weik… so i also watched… then the stupid ken also watched me crying… *dengz* then when i looked at the time… OMG, i was already late for half an hour, aiskz, rushed there lor, opened the door then i saw… eeeeeeeeeeeeee… a bunch of strangers!! arrrgghh~~ my class moved to somewhere else dont know where edi and i was late… damn it!! the lecturer must be giving out TIPS for the test one!! *sadz* so what to do… KEN came to fetch me again… HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA~~

i was there studying for the test… until i got no time to go break with wheimeng, and so he kept telling me that he lost the chance to go out with a LENGLUI because of me!!! he said that he rejected her date because of me wor… hey smart people, do you think that this is trustable? *i doubt* and then KEN fetched me *he came along too* to have lunch with sheryl, brian and arthur the lala… *sheryl very the cute ooorrrhh* =)

then rushed back to check my test venue… yea, i didnt know about it… aiskzzz… then happily went for the test and happily be prepared to go home… but then… i found something… why the car like… DEAD edi one, no response AT ALL MAN!! then only i realised that i left the lights on since morning until 6pm… fuwah… *applause* what to do again… KEN LOR!! hahahaha… ken came over for the rescue… but then, it didnt work… aiskzzzz, i was damn worried, i knew that i was gonna get screwed by dad soon, how i wished that i need not to call dad… but but but… then i cried… *scared* dad came, was trying to hide myself, trying not to talk… *yeay* finally done, didnt kena scolding… KEKKEKEKE… then dad following me from behind… wahlao… damn stressed weik!! first time lar dad tailing me… i almost went out of control man… so scary… i almost banged the car in front of me while i kept looking at my dad behind… *iiissshhh* scarynyer~~~

finally got home safely… had around half an hour rest… then phone rang edi… Wing asked to go out for a drink… i said i damn tired… but then he said a while only… so went out again… reached home at 10+pm… not as late, but it’s damn tiring lar weik~~ only had 2 hours sleep… *ouch*

anyway, i need to thank KEN for temaning me for the whole day although he was sick and still fetching me from college, to college, from college, to college… then somemore gotta help me with the car’s battery… and also we were fighting with the money like those aunties fighting to pay like that… he reloaded my phone credits but didnt want back the money… in the end i managed to leave the money in his car… *victory* =P

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