Dont Worry…

ehehhee… basically, i have nothing to update for today… but i am just here to announce that i am fine… =) dont worry about me oorhhh… *as if someone is worried*

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well, often, gals got cheated for no apparent reason. actually, i wouldn’t say cheated, but it was the ‘gals’ who believed the guys sweet lil lies.

i talked about gals pampering guys, definitely a NO-NO and vice-versa, guys shouldnt pamper gals. well, once in a while, its ok, but do not go over limit. it’s not WRONG to pamper your loved ones but over pampering result in loss of crisis sense in the guys / gals.

if you dont agree with me, then most probably you’re going to fail many times in relationship. get few books, read up on maintaining relationship. it’s not stupid, it’s just teaching yourself to be clever and be more successful in love relationship.

im not just talking, i actually spent $20 on a book on teaching such. but its for guys, not for gals. so you might want to buy a book for gal’s prospect. perhaps you may search for “HOW TO KEEP YOUR GUY YOURS”, buy one of the top 10 popular list, you should be fine. just one, it will benefit you greatly.

Check this out. might help you. i’ve been reminded since i was young, my mentor, my beloved dad.

the brilliant learn from other’s mistake (how? by reading books or observation)
the average learn from own mistake
and the stupid repeats his own mistake

so read up, you will automagically avoid common mistake.

= i found myself fond of reading books = lol

read up on:
public speaking

yeh… basically i read these books

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