Corp Law FINAL!

oh well… tomorrow is my corp law FINAL… what i mean by FINAL is really FINAL!! that i MUST PASS THIS TIME!!! *praypraypray*

was in the library until 8pm… for those who KNOW ERICCA, or for those who KNOW MAGICLAND… sure know what had happened in the library edi… *kekekekeke*

CAMWHORE lar!!! =P

bored of studying…


how to finish lar… *sobsob* =(


here are some taken before the library session while i was having lunch with SESS in asia cafe… *yumyum*

me took a pic of the GAY sess…

and then sess took a pic of the CUTE me… =P


i found this pic in my phone which taken few days back…

ann chin and the sister, vivian… do they look alike?

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