Brian Geh aka bgeh…

fuiyoorrhh… be proud of yourself!! first time in my life screwing someone so openly in my blog… yooohooo~~~ you get it the FIRST PRIZE man!! ok… introduction now… he is bgeh, his name is Brian Geh, he is a KID but an adult wannabe, and he is an op in LYN’s DC++ Hub… and he thinks that he is SO FUCKING MATURED, SO FUCKING SMART, and SO FUCKING POWDERFUL with his ULTIMATE OP power given by dont know who… i seriously wonder who the hell on earth gave him the OP man… misusing his power all the time…

ok, basically, LYN’s DC++ Hub is a file sharing and chatting medium

and yea, i do share files and what’s wrong with CHATTING now… chatting means we can talk whatever we want lar… *deng* he must have failed his english…

basically, i DAMN dulan him as in he said that i am CHILDISH… yea, i am… but at least, i ACT childish most of the time… and i pity him for being childish ALL THE TIME just because HE IS CHILDISH and he is an adult wannabe… but hey, stop it man! stop acting like a MAN, you are still a BOY! please lar, not only ME, people in hub agree that you are a KID, admit it please… i dont have contribution, right? and yea, so you contributed HELL DAMN A LOT huh… with your DOTA, with your JAY’s songs, with your CARYN, with your SHERYL… *awwwwwwwwww so much* sau pei lar you, you think sheryl as a pretty girl, a smart girl, a matured girl will like such a nerdy boy, a childish boy like you… *burp* you must be kidding me… =)

i think i will just DE-OP you if i can… it’s such a DISGRACE to have you as an op man… yucks… only know how to whine, dota, get moody, misuse power… *vomit* but hey, i wont do so, just because i wont misuse my power for inappropriate reasons… like YOU!!

here are some logs… click to read the full logs…

he honestly thinks that i was the most childish VIP in the hub and it’s a shame, so i shouldnt be a VIP anymore… *and i think he is also the most childish OP in the hub and it’s a shame as well, he shouldnt be an OP anymore*

SOMEONE thinks that he is a kid too, KIDDO!

misusing his powder… and a HERO wannabe, a kepoh… note1: seagates is an OP too, but he didnt do anything… note2: kennylised means whatever you type will be kennylised to censored/improper words…

random examples of bgeh’s contribution *applause*

NEW!! i have supporters here!! HERE HERE HERE!! it seems like not ONLY ME having problem with you… BGEH, go and fucking get yourself educated please… what i mean by educated is… learn how to be a REAL PERSON instead of only reading your idiot books!! learn how to respect and socialise with people!

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Aiyah… Most of the OPs and Staff and even Admin in LYN are idiots lah… =.=

Even some of the OPs in there are pissed off at some of the other OPs. They usually argue inside their own secret forum also…

now now before you get into the silly insults and stuff, i must remind you that seagates is innocent
heck he was the one that unkennylized you 2 mins after
perhaps you forgot to check it though =)

[00:56] [action] bgeh kennylized eRiCCa
[00:58] [action] SeaGates unkennylized 1 out of 1 users

bgeh’s a fucking idiot..
do all the shits just to show that he’s over 18

while its actually the otherwise, they just exposed his own childishness within himself

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