1st Month

oh well, i dont know how many couple out there actually celebrate their monthly anniversary or some special day like the 10th day, the 100th day, the 143th day, the 999th day… blablabla…

but me, i was taught by my EX that we should celebrate all these lil anniversaries and make them great memories… and so, i thought it’s a must to do so… as i think it’s a great idea though, creating some lil surprises and spice up the relationship at the same time…

sadly, i am seeing a guy who doesnt care about this… he thinks that it’s not important at all… he will only celebrate the YEARLY anniversary and that’s all… *bangwall*

yesterday, he had dinner with his friend but me… i had nothing to eat… i had to go home to eat alone… on the 1st month anniversary! and when i talked to him, he went like ‘oh, was it today?’ *pengsan*


anyway, i am trying to learn how to give and take… how to accept him for who he is… and also accepting the fact that he is a guy who will never spoil me!! *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* isnt it sad?

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hmmm used to celebrate monthly anniversary with my guy but after that both of us also lazy already. but then, don’t be so sad over it la.. you know la.. some guys just don’t show out their affection. =)

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