it’s really scary when you dont have a valid ticket when you are supposed to have one… i got on to a tram after work, and then i realised that i didnt have enough of COINS to buy a ticket although i have enough amount of MONEY as the stupid machine only accepts COINS… i was damn worried… i was worried that inspectors might be somewhere to get me… but i didnt wanna leave the tram as it’s already on the way and it’s middle of nowhere… it’s dark on the street, i couldnt do anything even if i really got down… there was no shop, no people, no light… so the only thing i could do was to stay on the tram and being WORRIED… finally, i couldnt take it anymore, i got down… although it’s somewhere not familiar to me, at least, i knew that’s somewhere NEAR to the city… so i walked on the street, it’s so cold and i was freezing…

walk walk walk… finally i saw arts centre!!!! it’s almost there!!!! and at this moment, i felt like my bladder gonna burst soon… damn!! i had to go to the toilet, i had to walk faster with cold and my poor bladder… YEAY, REACHED!! but… FARK IT MAN, i couldnt find my damn wallet and couldnt get my damn money to put into the damn machine to buy the damn ticket!!! shiatz!!! idiot, i wanna go to the toilet lar!! ishhhhhhhhhhhh… i had to take everything out from my bag and then only i managed to get everything done!! then i walked STRAIGHT to the toilet… finally…

thought of taking the 8pm train… and ma de hell!! it got DELAYED for like 10 minutes!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR~~~~~


tomorrow will be a better day… *cheers*

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