to the girls who reading this, please dont be a bitch!! it’s very annoying!! thankiew…

so great, you dont have to STEAL!!
a nice person, you dont STEAL!!
pretty, you dont have to STEAL!!

you are just an unwanted poor old bitch that have to STEAL people’s bf…

you will look nicer when you tell him that i dont look nice?
he will choose you if you tell him that he still can choose?
you sound nicer if you ask him to bring me out together?
you can get him by just calling smsing and msning?

but i think that your skin is just so god damn bloody thick!!

you dont chase a guy after the first meet… it’s SHALLOW!!
and knowing that he has a gf… it’s WRONG!!
and keep contacting him everyday… it’s CHEAP!!
and still trying eventhough he ignores… it’s SHAMELESS!!
and thinking that he will choose you… it’s STUPID!!

i pity you that you have to use private number to call in order to hide yourself when he doesnt pick your number… and you think that people dont know it’s you? DUMB ASS!! you know that you are being IGNORED, but you still have face to try one wor… BULLET PROOF SKIN!!

yes, he is nice, he is cute, he is handsome, he is good… you dont have to tell him, everyone knows that… BUT so? he is MINE!!

and i think VICKIE is a nice name, it’s WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too sweet for you, get a name that suits you… FUCK OFF BITCH!! you are just plain ANNOYING!!


basically, i have no idea what’s in a bitch’s mind… she is just plain stupid as the guy is not REALIABLE at all IF she can really steal the guy from his gf… if he is doing this for you, he will still do it again for another girl… so stupid!! and, if a guy likes the way you steal him, or he likes you for being such a bitch, you are such a poor bitch…

or, if you wanna challenge me, please upgrade yourself FIRST, i wont accept the challenge as it will DOWNGRADE myself…

13 replies on “Bitch!!”

wau~~~…….great respond!!! fire in full load!!!defending something which belong to you!!! go gal……full support ah!!

wahlao… what lar you all… HAHHAHAHA… so funny man your responses… hehehehe… thankiew, i also think that i very YING!!! HAHAHHAHAHA~

i love you my cousin, my darling, lok lok and calvin…

SUGOIII!!!! genggg!!! i like the upgrading part!!!!!!!!!! she’s not enuff standard yet man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go vian vian!!!!!!! u sure win one!!!!!!!!!!!

yOooo…cutie pie ericca…yeah, u really on fire hehe…bt if let say tis case happen to me i sure having the same feeling with u + more fire n fire and i agree tat wat u mention in the blog…i will fully support u ya…kekeke…honestly tell u, i did happen sth similiar with u bt not almost same as u lo…bt the feeling really bloody bad wit it…so…i support =) then gAmbAtEh lo =)

wooohooo~~ didnt know that this blog can attract so many INVISIBLE people to become visible ar…

thanks cutie nicole, thanks zoe, thanks hothamflakes…

den, ape tu spoil? how? me?

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