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i was browsing in bi lo today while waiting for babybendan to pick me up after work… and i went to the check out area looking for a queue to line up… suddenly i saw this lil section looking interesting… i went closer to take a look…

OMG!! it’s a DIY cash register!! so cool!! what you do is scan the barcode of your stuffs, then put them into the bags provided, then touch the screen to tell the machine whether you paying by cash or card, then… “ASK FOR ASSISTANCE”… then this lady came over to help me, she moved my stuffs to place on top of a sensor situated UNDER the bag… and then it started to work again!! OOORRRHHHH… i didnt get the sensor working as i thought i didnt need a bag so i didnt put my stuffs into the bag and it didnt get that sensor activated so my checkout process got into trouble!! WOWWWWWWWWWW… isnt it SO DAMN COOL!!! and i continued, i touched the CASH button and paid my money then it gave me back my change too…


but i wonder… if i am paying by credit card… so nobody is going to verify my signature… and… i can commit a credit card fraud?

p/s: i am sorry that i sound like a dumbarse… but seriously, i havent seen this kinda smart checkout before… so i am so out… ishhh…

yes… i even took a picture of it… damn 38… but SO WHAT, I LIKE AR!! and also accidentally took a picture of the HAMSUP uncle at the back who kept looking at me and smiling at me before/in/after BI LO…

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Come uk then!!!!! LOL, as for your “signature” question, in UK, all the debit/credit cards run on PIN/PASSWORD system, so they dont actually need your signature but your password. I tried to use my Malaysia Credit Card once, the only diffrence was, you need to use the electrical pen and sign on the screen. FAST, COME UK, YOU ARE WELCOMED TO SWIPE YOUR CREDIT CARD. AHHAAH

zhanshen, why not i go to uk and then you LEND me YOUR credit card for me to swipe? sounds good?

ehuey,YEAH!! ME TOO!! but some people would say why would you do something yourself while you can ask those people to do it for you…

zoe, hahahahhaa… DAMN FUN!! kekekeke… sounds damn ulu weik… =P

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