MALAYSIANS, there is something worth reading…

after reading Drliew’s blog about this article Berdikari, i went to to look for the article While Malaysia fiddles, its opportunities are running dry… after that, i clicked on to Michael Backman’s website and found another article about Malaysia again…

i have to admit… he is so right… and malaysians, WAKE UP!!!

4 replies on “Malaysians…”

“We” have read the articles. “We” agree. But what can “we” really do?

Either “we” play the game by “the” rules or “we” dont play at all.

Guess it has always been like this since the 70s, but more so now, that “we” need to take a view (i.e. speculate) on the future, either +ve or -ve.

Maybe the smarter thing to do is to play the game at another venue where the rules are fairer and more logical.

But all is not lost, “we” have always been resilient, always survivors….always. “We” will find a way….

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