Good or Bad?

yes, i got the migration lawyer’s job too… but sad to know that it’s only INTERNSHIP for 3 weeks part time WITHOUT pay… then later they will decide after my 3 weeks’ performance… i dont know if this is good or bad… what if they con me? haiihzzzz…

and i went for training today at the unicity apartment, the job was good enough, and easy as well… the pay is good too… BUT, managing the apartment, you need to check the rooms all the time to make sure that they are in good conditions… but the problem is… i will have to do it ALONE… like… go to the floor ALONE to check whether it’s clean… go to the room ALONE to check if it’s tidy and no damage… go to the roof top ALONE to check the BBQ area to see if there is rubbish there… i was like… HUHHHHHHHHHHH!!! it’s something like a BUDGET hotel, it’s a student accommodation as well… and it’s OLD… the whole building is just OLD… and… seriously, i am SCARED!!!!!!! i didnt even dare to go to the toilet… damn…!!! the whole apartment is so QUIET, imagine you are walking alone along the walk way… OMG… i really think that i CANT handle it…

but… should i TRY? what if i FAINT while trying? and what if something really happens to me while i try? will my whole life be haunted by this incident? worth it to RISK my life? i have to admit that i am really very haunted by dont know what… ZS, WM, MH, CL, ALICE… can be very sure of that… i think… i think they should understand what i should do…


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maybe you can find out more about the job @ law office (i.e. is the 3 week no-pay trial normal? etc)

Why don’t you try to nego to shorten the trial period?

Also check out the background of the law office. In any case, get everything down in writing if you intend to pursue this opportunity.

Oh, and congratulations on getting many job offers! My mui is in demand!

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