OMG OMG OMG!! Life is so boring without working… I have to think what to do everyday… And it’s even worse when there isn’t any good TVB series around… That’s bad, really bad… Further more, I’m home ALONE all the time, no sound in the house, I miss the FATTIE lar!! Faster come back weik, you will become roundier and roundier if you continue eating and playing everyday in Malaysia!!! Come back and play with me lar!!

I’m too free, I have to think what to play and what to COOK… Yes, cook!! Because cooking can WASTE more time than just going out to eat, which can keep me busy a little…

Else, I’ll be sitting in front of my laptop, refreshing all career websites to check if there is any new job coming up… Awwwww… How sad is that…

I’m even thinking to start a business since I can’t get a job… But, what business should I start huh? No modal how to start a business huh? Damn~~~~~

One reply on “Boring…”

Better not. Knowing you, my recommendation is to get solid work experience first and buff up your war chest (savings) before even considering to venture out on your own.

Fret not, even the best of us have our lull period(s)…

Concentrate on getting a full-time job. But I guess there is no harm in toying with business ideas on your free time….who knows, you might even come up with an idea as brilliant as velcro and make it big time….

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