I Need A New Face…

Not me for sure, although I need one too, not now though… I mean MAGICLAND seriously needs a new face, it is going to celebrate its 3rd birthday soon… OMG!! 3 years!! And it’s still ALIVE!! Wooohooo~~!! Meaning I am away from my home sweet home for 3 years… BUGGER!! From the start, blogging was my home sick past time… Till now, it has become a RANT hole… *how sad* Whatever it is, it is still MY MAGICLAND!! It is still very MAGICAL, as I magically live in my magical memories in here…

But heck, it is still the same old dull boring look with my 3 years ago pics on top… No wonder it is so peaceful in here… No ghost is here, ghosts are scared of my boring look… *OK, NOT FUNNY*

Bah… Ah Beng ar… When do you want to give me a new face for my birthday present?

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