June 30…

30th June is the VERY CRITICAL date for us, everyone is SO SO SO busy rushing for the end of the financial year… Even I *have the chance to* OT for the rest of this week!! As I am a TEMP, so I get paid * for the OT, which is GOOD!! *wakkakakakaka*

Nah, although I am money minded, I am not that bad… I will still do it without the extra pay… I don’t like to go home at 5pm, because the trams are so packed, I rather leave later and BE NICE =P

And now, it’s even better when I work OT, they provide dinner and also FREE TAXI HOME after 8pm… Damn good, right!!

Today, even BETTER BETTER, my team is just SO SWEET!! They got us these 2 SHEETS, with some oh-so-sweet messages, together with the oh-so-yummy chocolates… And also there will be some PARTY TIME everyday to RELAX our mind for a lil moment, HOW SWEET IS THAT!!

The chocolates message: It’s June 30, it’s CRUNCHIE time, no time to PICNIC, no time to FLAKE. Know your stuff, no time to bluff. Give yourself a BOOST, BOUNTY energy a must!! We’ve got clients to service above and beyond. Wave your magic wand!

Out PARTY TIME schedule…

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