Surf N Turf…

Do you love Japanese food? Do you hate paying a lot for Japanese food? Do you hate Paying a fortune for a tiny portion of Japanese food? Do you hate it when you never have enough of Japanese food?

Sashimi, sushi, miso soup, tempura, gyoza, yakitori, unagi, takoyaki, agedashi tofu…

If you do, Surf N Turf will be your best friend.

25 bucks buffet, UNLIMITED orders within 2 hours. But you have to make booking, and they will only allow you to choose from 5pm-7pm, 7pm-9pm… And I think there is 9pm-11pm, not sure about it. You can order as much as you can from the ala carte menu.

You will then experience the feeling of… finally-I-can-say-no-to-more-Japanese-food!!

And my Poor Darling, she almost got killed by Japanese food, TOO MUCH of it… And my Poor BB Bendan too, he had so much unagi till he almost puked…

But, I don’t mind going again =P Too good to say ENOUGH!

Surf N Turf
133 Were St, Brighton. 03 9592 6500.

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