Fatter and Fatter…

Leeli is making me so wanna put up this entry… Because, I want to SHOW OFF that I don’t have to go to the vending machine for COKE… Because, I have UNLIMITED SUPPLY of it… =P

My workplace is just too nice, they know that people get hungry easily when they are stressed, people need to munch something to release the stress… So SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!

And, also to DENY that being fatter and fatter is MY FAULT!! Because it is NOT MY FAULT!!

How can you say TAK NAK to these…

Tea, which one would you like? Black tea? Jasmine green tea? Earl grey? Blackcurrant tea? I LOVE the Jasmine green tea!!

Biscuits!! We love Arnotts!! TimTam? Royals? Crown? Mint Slice? TeeVee? And those classic one on the right… I LOVE the CROWN and MINT SLICE!!

Something different? Salada? Cruskit? Different flavours of Shapes? Corn crackers? I LOVE the SALADA + BUTTER and the CORN CRACKERS *taste like Doritos*!!

Some beer? We have Beck’s on the left and Corona Extra on the right… And also, Schweppes mineral water and wine…

Some soft drinks? COKE? The original or zero or diet? Or Schweppes? Nah, too gassy for me… LEELI, want some? =P

SPRING VALLEY JUICES!! My FAV!! Apple? Orange? Apple + Blackcurrant? Pineapple? *yumyum* I LOVE the pineapple juice~~~

OK, this is our lil fridge… *look at the butter* My favourite to eat with SALADA~~ Yum~~~~~~


So, it’s not my fault that I eat non-stop OK…

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