My Key Ring…


I have a BIG key ring, with big bunch of stuffs…

But with ONLY ONE key. =P

Well, I have tried to minimise the size of it. Tried to carry less things, but I just couldn’t. I find that they are all meaningful to me, and I need them all the time.

Clock wise from the KEY…

Key: House key lar…

Pink Tag: With my name and contacts on it, so that some kind hearted people can return it to me if they found it.

Bear: My birthday bear with my birthday on it. My fattie cousin Andrea gave it to me AGES AGO!!

Key Card: I need that piece of shit to enter my office!!

Bomberman: So cute and some memories in it. College time, there were some other friends having other colors ones. Those were the days.

Black Clip: It was given to me together with the key card, so I don’t want to lose it. It is company’s property =P

Grey Thing: I need that to go home!! I need that to open the main door and access to my apartment floor.

I know it’s big… Can’t help it…

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