Wokie, since I am so free now at 2.41am after a VERY filling steamboat and also a VERY yummy pancake for supper. And also listening to ChanFong on 988, I decided to be NICE to do this so-called MEME. =)

You have to provide answers for each Question and then tagged a few people to keep this meme going! Easy and simple..

Instructions :

Remove the first Blog and add your own blog last!

Wishing On A Falling Star;
Something is Happenin’

Q1. What were you doing 10 years ago?

14 years old… Got addicted to MIRC… #chonghwa, #ipoh, #chinatown…

Q2. What were you doing 1 Year ago?

Lodging in my PR…

Q3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?

Depending on my mood…

Q4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?

Many many songs…

Q5. 5 things you would do if you are a Millionare?

I don’t want to be a Millionare wor, because I don’t want to have too much money that I can do whatever I want till my life is meaningless, as I don’t have to work towards any GOAL anymore…

Q6. 5 Bad habits?

Rude, lazy, annoying, indecisive, bitchy…

Q7. 5 things you like to do?

Bitching, working, sleeping, shopping, eating…

Q8. 5 Favourite Toys?

Soft toys, food, laptop, mobile phone, babybendan…

Q9. 5 things you would never wear?

I wear anything as long as they look good on me… Or, they make me look better…

Q10. 5 things you hate to do?

THINK!! I hate thinking… Especially now, I hate to think about the 5 things that I hate to do…

Now I would like to tag the following :-

(Sorry people, I would like to tag some random LUCKY people)

1. Lasilasi
2. Babyfiona
3. Abnerd
4. Jumbledmind
5. Anyone

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