Sad or Happy?

I have been waiting for 3+ months, waiting for the OFFER to become a full time permanent staff. Finally, I have got the offer today, but… Not quite happy with the salary offered. Although it’s only 2k lesser, still, it makes a lot of difference.

Also considered as… De-graded, as a permanent staff is getting lower pay than a temporary staff. Just because a temporary staff doesn’t get any benefit, no annual leave, no sick leave, nothing beside a HIGH PAY. And now, I will have all the benefits, but lower pay.

I am not sure should I be happy or should I be sad of it. I WANT MORE MONEY!!

But, well, I think it will be easier for me to apply for any internal roles then. So, I guess… Congratulation to myself for that!!

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Do view this as only a temporary setback. I don’t think you can get ahead in your career being a temp, so I think that this is a good thing. Sabar sis….

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