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Recently, teen misbehaving has been a major society problem. There are many cases about teen committing crime, vandalizing, addicted to drugs, teen driving recklessly and more. Parents are always the blame for not educating the children in a proper manner, or even spending more time in knowing their children. Friends, is the main cause of these, therefore it is very important to know who the children are hanging out with, and they can be a big influence.

Most parents are busy with their work everyday, they don’t even have time to be at home, and how can they get to know their kids. But, there are products out there to help to protect your children anytime and anywhere.

For example, you can install a CarChip Pro with Alarm in your teen’s car. This is useful when you want to know more about your teen’s driving attitude, making sure that they are not speeding and even knowing the distance that they have been traveling.

Besides, also get a LiveWire Real-Time GPS Tracking system to track their location. Just simply log on to their website and it gives you immediate answer to your teen’s location, and even driving speed. Alternatively, you can also get email alerts when your teen has exceeded speed limit or even traveling outside a zone.

Dear parents, action now before it is too late.

CarChip PRO
CarChip Pro with Alarm

LiveWire Real-Time GPS Tracking

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