Cellphone Tag…

Sai eh, this Nux ar, simply tag here tag there, this time lagi CELLPHONE TAG… *lame*

Erm, I am having 2 old phones now, 1 – Nokia 6230i for my Optus Prepaid, and Nokia 6280 for my Three. Technically, the Nokia 6280 doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to BabyBen. But, I snatched it from him as I wanted to go on MSN, while MY Nokia N70 was too dumb to have the MSN working properly. So…

I used to have 3 phones, as another one would be for my DiGi, but then it had been cut off and recycled, and I wonder who is using my number now.

Anyway, eh Nux, no need to write those features and nonsense, right? Everyone here knows how to use GOOGLE weh!!

Ok ler, I am a nice person, I don’t really tag people one… But, if Jojo, Abnerd, Ah X, DT, and iCalvyn would like to do, then it would be much appreciated.

*Very obvious that I am trying to make NEW ENEMIES*

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