Bad Bad Bad…

I am back!! Everything is fine back in Malaysia.

But, I received a BAD NEWS at work today… That my leave for CNY had been rejected!!! =( HOW SAD!!! Moodless for the whole damn day!! =(

How I wish I don’t need to work, and I can have my holidays anytime I want… OK, I know everyone wishes to be like that too… But HEY, I am not taking a long holiday also!! Only 2 weeks only mar, why lar reject me wor!!!

I am going to try again tomorrow with 1 week!! Niabeh!!!

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what is block leave?

i tried again edi, but this time my team leader said she has to talk to my manager… shiatzzz… only few days leave also so kua jiong…

A block leave is something a bank usually practices where a staff member is “encouraged” to take at least 1 week or more of uninterrupted leave.

This is usually done for 2 reasons; firstly to ensure that the staff member is adequately rested & recharged (i.e. they won’t burn out) and secondly to allow the bank to audit the particular staff member’s conduct to determine amongst others, the staff in question did not participate in fraudulent activities etc.

I’m taking my block leave in December =)

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