This happened at work today… At first I was sharing the conversation content between my recruitment agent and I with my team mates… Something like “She asked about how’s the work, what’s the plan, enjoying or not, good feedback…” And then they said ONLY ME who got the good feedback and they didn’t get it… But I thought it was just the NICER way of saying that the agent wanted to please everyone of us and would have said that to all of us… But apparently NO…

Then the argument came out as I am the PET, the team leader’s pet… And being a LOOKER, the one who works with LOOKS not HANDS can save me from trouble… This was because I didn’t get into trouble for losing my work last week, but that was the freaking damn computer’s FAULT and NOT MINE!! And I did work with my HANDS!! And then there came another saying that wearing skirt can get you to anywhere with doing nothing… Hey, that just sounds like sleeping with the boss can earn you to the managerial level!

And somemore they so happy everytime also USE ME to HELP THEM to the team leader questions, just because I won’t get scolding~!?

OH MAN~~~ Yes, I am the only girl in the team, I am the youngest in the team… But it doesn’t mean that I don’t do anything one right~~~ And, I am sure that I do more work than they do… Maybe not MORE but definitely not LESSER!!

Why lar now girls can’t be working hard for their career one meh?!!!!!!! SEXIST!!!!!!

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