AUD Sucks…

I have been in a depression lately because of the freaking AUD, so bad!! All my dreams of bringing AUD back to KL to exchange to a GOOD amount of RM just vanished like that!! =(

I seriously couldn’t believe that SGD is stronger than AUD now…

And how am I going to survive with this tiny amount of RM that I have ar… DIE LAR!!

Or, a brighter side, it’s time for me to move back to KL!! All the while, I thought earning AUD was so good, you could exchange it to good RM value… But now, the ONLY REASON no longer exist… It’s even worse than SGD, for no reason that I should stay!!

Not only that, this freaking AUD makes my online shopping experience to the worst!! Everything is just so expensive after the conversion… NIABEH!!

Bah, like what ZhanShen said, LIFE SUCKS!!!

2 replies on “AUD Sucks…”

aiya, dont buy US stuff…
time to buy OZ made things lor (hey, you are in Melb!!!)
and convert the price back to RM Msia
OR think abt USD 1000 vs AUD 1200 for a LV bag
–> does that make you feel better? lolz

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