Today marks the LAST DAY OF HOLIDAY for me!! And the next day will be me starting my FIRST PROPER JOB IN KL!! I am feeling nervous and excited… A whole new environment… But, I am seriously looking forward to this new start of my life, proving myself that I had made a right decision for coming home…

One thing I have to really talk about my this holiday is, I REALLY HAD SO MUCH FUN!! Unlike any other years that I came back and basically didn’t do anything crazy, mainly just catching up with friends… This time, I went to a few mini trips, had multiple crazy gambling sessions, met many new friends… Been out till VERY LATE in the morning, and I felt so WEIRD when I was home around 12am!! That was like SO EARLY AND SO WRONG!!

Especially Loopy, Chinny and Gaby, the 4 of us really make great outings together!! I am sure that I will miss Loopy when she is back in Melbourne and Chinny when he is back in the UK too… As for Gaby, I will still be seeing you around, just that not that often anymore and hope that you will get a new entertainer soon… BUAHAHHAHAHAH~

Wishing myself a great work life ahead, and of course a better life for everyone…

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