wats happening???

sorry for my poor spelling blame the stupid americans cxz they cant spell well and make me too and bcz of those spell checker nobody care about spelling anymore….dont we???seems like ppl arent happy abt their life….lol some ppl enjoy theirs some ppl dont….it depends wats ur requirement abt ur life, what do u want, what do u expect….rite???we do hav choice…oh ya stupid pyy juz working non stop like no tomolo, sunday is my only off day, i work almost full day every single sat, so i got no life edi…everyday sunday juz hang around do nothing and rest only…wahhaha…so a happenning boy became a boring boy…lol so sad….cant complain….get to know all those souless ppl whom think only money but no others…..wat da hell….money is tat all for their whole life…lol but is common in asia wat can i say….we only look at money….we never think of other like dream, achievement, bla bla…everybody juz go after money crap…make u like a slave working for money non stop and nothing beside tat but crap gal wont hop in if u ride a bike, wont marry u if u still renting a room, wont spend rest of the life wit u if got no money in da bank….wat a world we live in????i cant say every1 is like this at least most r like this….cxz i met new ppl everyday so i know

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