Gatherings Weekend…

I had a great weekend I must admit, a GATHERINGS weekend! Busy and fun!!

Went to Phuture with the CHKL gang to celebrate WheiMeng’s birthday… SO MANY people were there, damn fun!! It was like a MINI CHKL gathering… Then, I managed to pull Adwin and gang to go there as well… But Daniel asked me to go and his phone’s battery was dead and he didn’t come to look for me!! MA DE!! To be honest, that was the BEST PHUTURE NIGHT EVER!!! Loving it so so so much!!

Then, met up with MunYee and Jamy for lunch on Sunday… Then, met up with the Melbourne-Lai Meng gang for dinner as well… HAHAHHAHAHA… We are slowly moving the gang back to KL!! Although Audrey and YeeBing were only back for holidays… BUT, they will be back soon, I HOPE!! Glad to have so many people around again!! =)

BUT, damn it… Facebook is killing me!! I have been TRYING to upload those pictures since last night, but the error is annoying the hell out of me!! ARRGGGGHHHH…

I have to upload them!! ISH!!

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