One of the best days!!

10th October 2009, 10/10, the best rated day ever!! The full 24 hours!!

My best day started at 1205am with a GOOD movie, Rebellion at Pavilion with Adwin, David, Sunny, Christ and Kethy. It was a good movie, a very unpredictable ending!! Then a yumcha session at Jalan Alor. Arrived at home at 4am and had a SMALL SLEEP till 8am then woke up to work for OT.

At 1pm, I left work and headed to North Point, Mid Valley to catch up with the girls, ChewLeng, Kiew and Toh Wah at Ninja Jones. It was Kiew’s birthday, we girls meet up few times a year on each’s birthday. Ninja Jones was a good place. The food was pretty good, or at least I was happy with food and it balanced up my hate for Japanese food since the day before, where I had the suckiest Japanese food at YO! Sushi!! BANNED!! And for Ninja Jones, I will definitely be back AGAIN!! Especially for the BLACK COD FISH!! DAMNNNNNNN~~~~!!!

And after the lunch, I went to The Gardens to meet up with Mommie and brother to do some shopping!! AND YES I GOT SHOES!!!! HEELS!! Buahahhahahahahaha~~ I don’t remember when was the last time I bought my last pair of shoes, AGES AGO I AM VERY SURE!!

I even skipped dinner to rush home to get myself prepared, had a shower and had to get myself ready for the next round. The best round of the day. Whei Meng’s proposal to Lisan!! The official one!! All of us gathered at Somo, Mont Kiara to PRETEND to have an usual chill out session on this couple’s 6 months anniversary. Then, Lisan’s favorite song was being played in the background, Whei Meng came out with a big bouquet of LILYS and of course the most important little box with his knee down on the ground. Lisan couldn’t help it, the surprise was too surprise and touching, she teared, tears of joy. CONGRATULATIONS MR AND MRS WONG!!! The first one is our gang!! We had bottles of champagne, red wines, most importantly MOSCATO!! And this very expensive whisky, Macallan!! The session ended with a few drunkards, with some possible scandalous going on, and I headed to the next session.

Yumcha with Terry. Poor little boy was having a bad day, nobody was free to accompany him, he was down and sad. He actually asked me to go for desserts before I went to Somo, but obviously I couldn’t make it due to the very special event. So, I made it up for him after that. Steven’s Corner at OUG till about 5am.

I am proud that I fully utilized my 24 hours of 10/10 perfectly!

~~~~~~~~ PICTURESSSSSSSSSS! ~~~~~~~~~~

The Ninja’s food…

4 of us of course… =)


The heavenly Durian Flo~ And my brother, Timothy was enjoying it~

The proposal~ Mr and Mrs Wong~

Highlighst of the night!!

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