OMG, it’s November already! 2009 is coming to an end soon… Well, I had a great October!! Too many happy things happened!!

After the previous post about my best 10/10, then I started my 2 weeks of mandate holidays!! I spent one week to prepare for my cousin Teri and cousin-in-law Robi’s wedding on 18th October 2009. Helped out with some little things here and there, then busy hunting for dresses. IT WAS A SUPERB WEDDING!! Nicely done!! Then, I took a week for myself to meet up with friends, especially Ivess, my long lost high school mate. Also, spent some time with the cousins back from overseas. Then, on 31st October, went to Lai Meng’s 80th anniversary and saw many MANY primary school mates and teachers!! It was amazing!!

Besides, I went to 2 Tarot Cards readings during the 2 weeks off. Got some bad news for myself, but well, I will have to face it still, no matter what. And, please don’t tell me not to believe, because I went to TWO different ones, and they said the same things, so, not so coincident yea?

2 more months to 2010!! I guess, I have been happy overall in 2009, I am glad that I am back, to the place where I belong. =)

Start planning for Jan 2010 Bali trip and March 2010 HK trip… Can’t wait!! Oooooooooops, NO, I need to wait for the BONUS to be out first!! =P

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