Misss Misss…

haiihzz… my happening and lame friends left edi!!! Charmaine and Kelvin left melbourne this evening edi… they are now in sydney… wahlao… how nice if i can follow them to sydney then follow them back to perth… hahahaha… *dreaming*

well, although it was only a few days being together, i feel so sad that they leaving man!! gotta admit that, i really had fun with them… those laughters were really MAD!! especially Charmaine, wahlao, she is so talketive and we can talk about ANYTHING!! it’s fun talking to her… so sad that we couldnt have chance to go for karaoke ler… haiihzzz… hoping to see them SOON in perth… yea yea yea, i really feel like going to perth now man!!! hehehe… but the time is limited… well… no worries!! i will see you guys again!!! yea… then we can go for karaoke, then i can see TORO, then i can eat 10bucks dim sum buffet, then i can play with kangaroos, a lot a lot a lot!!! *miss you guys a lot*

and suddenly, i realised that ‘admire’ and ‘like’ are different things… admiring a nice person, those good things in this person… but like, is feeling, no matter good or not…

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yo dudes…jus wanna drop in n say hi,i’m new here ;) chance lucky nite to get this link from of my rocky mates in ADP 😛 having bad sleeping habits lately..eye bags and rings all over…given hopes up on finding solutions for that..:D u guys rock,cya!

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