Bak Kut Teh…

wahlaoeh… finally i had my very first bak kut teh in life!! but… it’s really hard to have this bak kut teh done man… have gone through so many ups and downs… wahlaoo…

first of all, i thought of going to market to get all these ingredients YESTERDAY… yea, and i was all preparedd, with my shoes on… suddenly… oh my, it’s MONDAY, market is closed!! wahlao… damn sad weik… fine!! go on tuesday then…

and then, today is TUESDAY, there i again well prepared to go to market… and yea, finally i reached Footscray Market, and i looked at the time, oh it was only 1+pm… so i decided to go for a shopping around footscray city… and i went into this boutique, *WOW* i saw this cute little white skirt that i have been searching for ages… yea, and i tried it on, and it’s just so fitting, it’s MINE!!! HOLD ON, what the hell… i didnt bring my wallet man!! no money how to buy… no money how to go market… what the heck!! alright, luckily i was using my daily ticket, or else, i would have to waste a 2-hours ticket…

so i went back to get my wallet and then back to the market before it closed!! oooh… it was closed, but luckily there were still a few stalls there and it’s enough for me!! so i quickly get it done… AND… back to the boutique to buy my skirt!! yea yea, and i bought it!! allalalalala~ so happie… then i continued browsing around, and i saw SHOES! i wanna buy BOOTS!! and i saw that pair, i really like it, i wanted to buy it, so i decided to try them on… and i found out, the ribbon for the left side is shorter… wahlao, broken ribbon!! donkey!! but nvm, i bought the other pair which is even cheaper… hehehehe… so i was so happy with my new things… and… suddenly… OH NO!! i forgot that i need a long time to cook bak kut teh… deng!! so i rushed home again!!

and yes!!! the first bak kut teh in my life… lalalala~~ well, not bad though… hehehe… finally i can cook something… PRESENTABLE~~~ =P

oh yea… not to forget this… guess what i had for my breakfast? hahahah… FRENCH TOAST man!! alright, knew it people would say ‘french toast ONLY mar…’ like what my mom said to me… deng!! sadzz… well, who cares, i am SO DAMN proud of myself… hehehe… i did nice cookings today!! lalalala~ *BOW* thankyou… =P

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aiyo, bak kut teh ar.. sap sap the water la.. take 30 mins to kau tim.. i can nxt time i cook for u k.. haha dont “tai siu” me k? haha.. ciaoz da miao

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