hahaha… okok, i think i should stop laughing now… it was so happening just now man!!! my room mate and i were watching tvb show while having our dinner at the same time… suddenly… we heard some funny noise from outside… so i went to open the door and i could smell nice cooking smell and heard someone closed the door and said ‘FARK!’… and also the alarm was ringing… ahahha, and i knew that there isnt any fire, it’s only the smoke caused by cooking… so i closed my door wanted to continue my dinner and show… then, there was announcement asking everyone to use the exit stairs to the lobby… oh no!! we had to move then, i was thinking, should i bring passport? hahahaha… but then, i just slipped on my flip-flops and went down… lcukily it’s only 12 floors to go, how lucky that i am not staying at the top of the building…

wah… so happening man!!! first time seeing the lobby being so crowded… hahaha, some were in pyjamas, some with their dog, some with bags, some with only shorts… wooow… so funnie!!! and i saw fire engine outside too, so damn efficient man!! incredible!! imagine if this happened in KL *oh no* after a few minutes, then there were 3 fire men came out from the lift then everyone started to rush to the lift to go back… what an experience man!!

what i can say is… the smoke alarm is really sensitive here, even frying an egg it will bell… haiihz, that’s why we have covered it with a plastic bag… but then, we have to take it down coz the agent saw it during the inspection last week… *arrgghhh* this kitchen is not meant for cooking, except for instant noodles!!!

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Silly, if I were you, if there is a fire, i will take my passport, money, phone, laptop, bolster, and blanket. hehehe..
So what were you wearing when the smoke alarm came off?

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