wooohooo… i am back, and i am so happy~~~ ahahha… dont get me wrong yea… i just got back from Fitness First!! 1… 2… 3… 7… 9… *lost count* i really no idea when was my last visit to FF edi… very long lar!! at least, i had already missed 2 sessions of personal training lar!! i paid for 3 sessions and only went ONCE!! and now all gone edi… what the hell!! meaning more than 2 weeks i didnt go to FF edi… oh no… wasted my monthly fees somemore… there you go my 60bucks!! *arrrrghhhzzz*

so i decided to go after the dumb assignment!! woohooo… enjoyed so much… and i saw my DEAN there, my lengjaiz personal trainer *nah* he is not that lengjaiz lar… but then i didnt wanna see him!! coz i FFKed him twice of the appointments… shiiiaatt… hopefully he didnt see me and couldnt recognise me… *hide* then i enjoyed my STEAM so much~~~ was sitting there with my eyes closed, dreaming of something… so nice~~ then went to a great shower!! ahaha… really took long time to shower!! and… oh yea, in the changing room, can really see BOOBS here and there, i cant imagine that i can do it one day… they can just taking off theirs bras and slipping off their panties while talking to each other… *wooohooo, respect* and i cant… =( they have big boobs to show off… i gotta hide myself… but the good thing is, everyone is doing the same thing, nobody will stare at you… haha…

oh yea… let’s look at the following pics… =)

hahahaha… my floor after the corp law assignment war… fulled with notes… =P

the stoopid PIRATED THAI POCKY!! i thought it was the ORIGINAL JAPANESE POCKY!! they look the same!! but the taste BIG DIFFERENCE!! i wanna sue them!! conned my money and also made me sad+disappointed… coz i thought i could eat my favourite Pocky!!

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haha! u also dumb one.. theres not even a japanese word on the package la … haha! hmmmm.. wowww.. is it ar? means u go for one personal training on thursday then u gotta every thursday for 3 weeks? i tot u make appointment everytime for a session haha.. shits.. my personal training will start tomorrow hehe at 7pm haha.. i hope i wont miss any la.. hehe ciaoz babehs!

huh…?? my phone can take pics but cannot upload to comp… dont know why…
i can use webcam to take… hehee… =P
but… dak han sin~~
i always go to fitness first wheni am FREE one, coz 2 mins walking distance only… but these days very busy!! no time!!

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