Post Production Party

finally the CTG thingie has ended~~~ last night LOFT was really fun!! we had around 50 people went!! such a big gang!! and there was a girl celebrating her birthday as well, it was in a private function room, and… hehe… there was a STRIPPER!!! what the hell~~!!! at first he was fully dressed up… then he started to dance and sing, everyone was looking at him, as he is so damn LENGJAIZ~~ *drooling* so he went on dancing with the birthday girl and sang love songs to her, ahah, and the girl was so shy~~ then then then he went on stripping… till the end left only a T-back with him… wahlaoo… his body was so damn chun~~ my goddddzzzzz…

then the birthday party ended and we went on partying at the bar… erm… i think i had… 1 cowboy then 151 then champagne then another 151 then 1 B52(am i right?)… *phiew* that’s all to get me tipsy… haha… and then we started to fill up the whole dance floor… haha, and yea~ there was this guy, our Production Manager came to me then we stared our DIRTY DANCE~~ *wooohooo* then he kept telling everyone that “hey man, she can dance” hahahaha… oh well, i guess last night we had too many dirty dances… haha, even with girls~~~ i danced with girls too… haha… then… all these went on… till 5am… *fullstop*

there was a guy friend of mine, at first we had the COWBOY and he told me no feeling~~ oh well, he asked for something stronger, so i went on with 151 with him… and after ONE SHOT, he told me ENOUGH… i was like… what the heck you!! ahaah… so damn lousy~~ =P and damn it!! those girls who said that i look WILD last week, they told me that i SUPER WILD last night… *fark* whatever!! hehehe… and yea, people kept asking me what to drink, what’s nice, what’s strong… my godz, it’s like, i am like a CLUBBING FREAK man!! and once again, i am telling everyone, I USED TO BE ONE, BUT I AM NOT ONE NOW~~ and i introduced everyone drinking the strongest liquor ever –> Bacardi 151!! yea… with its 75.5% alcohol volume, i guess this is why everyone went so HIGH and so FUN… and i even told them to drink a beer or champagne after the 151 like what i did, it would BOOST UP the effect a lot!! but i saw quite a few people puking in the toilet and lying on the sofa like dead fishes too… haiihzzz… badddzzz…

anyway, really gotta thank to these people, i really had FUN FUN FUN last night~~ erm… and there were some pics taken but i have no idea in whose cameras… haha, i only remember posing again and again… gotta check it out first… =P

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