Someone’s Name…

i forgot to blog about this just now… it was kinda amazing and funnie situation happened just now during work…

alright, for your information, i am working as a waitress, so i would have to take order using a small booklet… so as usual i took one of them to use, then i ACCIDENTALLY flipped over and had a look at the back the booklet… and guess what i saw? SOMEONE’S NAME!! i was like… who wrote that? and nobody answered me… ahahah… i was really surprised lar that i could see his name there, well, not HIS NAME lar, it’s just that the same name lor… it’s a rare name though… *weird*

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hmmmm whats da name? rare name ar.. is it e****d? haha just guessing since i think its a rare name though.. i only know him by that name 🙂 i duno anybody else with that name hahahahah
aiya good luck to u.. good luck to me too 🙂

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