first of all, i am going to give the RARE NAME post an answer… today, i heard my customer saying thankiew to my boss, by saying ‘thanks, **’ and i stoned there!! OH MY GODZZ… my boss’s name!! what the hell is that… haha… and now i know why the name was on the booklet, must be his wife who wrote it there… and i know why nobody answered my question yesterday… this is SURPRISING i can say…

well, next, and there was this friend of the kitchen hand, he came to LOOK around today!! looking at the kitchen, looking at us, and i have no idea what he was looking at… from the beginning till the end, LOOKING for 5 hours… and i was so pissed that he still LOOKED at me while i was cleaning the table and i seriously needed help that time while he was just standing in front of me looking at me… *ta ma de* damn dumb!! felt like whacking him upside down and to dig his eyes out!! CILAKA~

another funny thing was… there was this customer, an old man, he came to have dinner alone… then he went out after half way eating, and i thought he had done with it, so i took away his bowls and plates by stacking them up (and yeap, away from the table)… suddenly, my colleague told me that the old man would be back~~!! i was like *shiat* so we actually put it back IMMEDIATELY, then we kept laughing as he didnt notice that… *grinz*

ok… last case… my colleague’s bf and friends came to pick us up after work, they are all from china… and i am so glad that it was my first in a CELICA!! yea, i like celica =) but then they look so scary, china-lala!! and they smoked in the car without the windows opened!! gossshh… then his driving skill was really scary man!! ANY car faster than him also he scolded for faster than him and kept saying that those cars hinting him for a RACE… then he would accelerate to over take them and started to *vrooom* beside those cars!! really scary… it was a manual car, and i thought that i was on a horse ride, kept shaking non-stop… my goodness… not to forget that he was driving after drinking!!! and i am so glad that i am still alive to blog here… *god blessed*

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haha… damn funnie… and i even dropped some of the rice on the table also he didnt notice… hahahahahahahaah~

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