Gong Gong…

was chatting with someone, and our conversation came across grandparents… and SOMEONE came into my mind… someone that i really miss a lot a lot… and i really cant stop my tears… the picture i have in my mind now is… there was this pic we took and he was carrying me with him… and i could still clearly remember his smile…

he is my Gong Gong… my mom’s father… he left us in either 1986 or 1988 when i was really a kid… but i could remember how loud i did cry out that time when i got to know his death… i couldnt forget that he used to buy GUNS for me and played with me, brought me to playground, carrying me around the house… then i was his TOY… heehe… yea, that time i was staying with my popo and gongong only…

hmmm… was thinking gotta pay him a visit though… Ms. Teri + Andrea… any idea? wanna come along? maybe we should go together yea!! i think you both AGES didnt go edi huh… or havent even been there before? i think i went last year… =) let’s plan for it!!

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hmmm sure i wanna go 🙂 i dont remember going to visit him before lar.. how sad.. well i think he left us at 1986.. coz i dont remember seeing him before.. i mean i think i was a baby (like what mum said) coz i was born in 1985 mah 🙂

Gong Gong.. Yeah, lets go visit Gong Gong, I really dont remember going to visit gong gong, maybe I did, but I was too young at that time? let’s go one day when we all get back. Wait for me ok! ^_^

why so many babies wan? got growth problem is it? kekekeke… oh my gong gong liked to play “cee cak” with me… i put my finger on his palm and he said “cee cak” before closing his palm i needed to pull my finger out after he said that.. i depends how long he want to say the word so you get the meaning lar… now no more dee… =(

Who’s that “someone” that you chatted with ? Hmm, you should go pay him a visit and I’m sure he’ll be happy 🙂

Who’s that “someone” that you chatted with ? Hmm, you should go pay him a visit and I’m sure he’ll be happy 🙂

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