Miss Miss…

first of all, i am FORCED by someone to update~~ ahahha… coz he said that it’s like a PORN site!! =P

hmm… okok, i MISS SOME PEOPLE SO MUCH~~ and SOME CARS too~~~

first, i miss the Blue Wira, especially the GORGEOUS POPEYE pillow in it~~ but i think now popeye should be in NEW VIOS hor? and i will be trying the vios SOON~~~ kekekekeke… but hor, he very dumb one, he THINKS that a PIG looks like an OCTOPUS!! check this out Pig Vs Octopus

and then… i miss when i was in a Red Coupe~~~!! muahahaha~~ but make sure dont let me sit at the back under the sun again ok!!

then… erm… erm… i dont remember SOMEONE fetching me with Sei Fei Lo wor… why he fetched everyone but not ME!!!!! yea, he is SUPER kiamsiap!! very very very, even a RM0.20 sms TO ME also expensive!! but then to OTHER GIRLS leh… WAHLAO, spending A FEW HUNDREDS BUCKS to call to PENANG also not a problem!! haiihzzz…

okokok… tomorrow my last paper edi~~ WISH ME LUCK LEH~~ then… i will singing I’m like a Bird~~ my last hope… Corp Law~

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cutie: he very bad hor!! whack his patpat!!
dai: he also very bad hor!! slap him!!
fred: arigato~~~
nomnom: papa… kekekkeke~~ all your fault!! naughty papa got naughty girlgirl~~ lalalaala~

finish your last paper already hor.. expect you to be missing for awhile before you ever show up again… while being tired of getting yourself drained to the max.. you know what i mean.. buahahaha… and i expect that saturday.. if you manage to wake up that is.. to have a entry about friday nitez… =P

let’s see my prediction true or not… hehe

LOL ! nebo, dun under estimate her…
she might juz appear suddenly ~ who knows ? :rolleyes:
maybe she’s now sleeping, charging herself for tomorrow’s ‘programmes’ ?
haha =D
probably, she’ll miss atmos again at this time… *lol*

weh…your friend darn WH4 la….twenty cent per sms also that kiam siap…but friend even worse. Never even spend me a drink although we always hang out together and you know what..he is driving a sei fei lou also!!!

wah, so many unknown ppl here 😛
not bad 11 comments..
heh, zhanshen told me to check out and found it interesting!
ahahahahahahaha… oh btw, i dont think the popeye is in blue wira oredi ;p

ahhahahaha… that SEI FEI LOU DRIVER IS SUXXXXX~~ let’s hate him till the MAX!!!

erm… WTF!! where is the POPEYE!!! TA MA DE!!

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