hehehe… just got back from puishan’s place!! it’s her birthday today!! yea yea yea!! LUCKILY i was manage to get her a cake!! at first we went to crown thought of getting a cake from Greco, but then the cake was so damn BIG and it’s 95bucks!! shiat!! almost rm300 for a cake!! duh~~ fine~~ but it’s so hard to get a cake at that time, it was a quarter to 12am edi!! then rushed to city again… went to ask around… and FINALLY, we got a cake!!

then rushed to her place at 12am… and this girl still sleeping since 7pm!! my godzz… what a PIG!! then we brought the cake into her room and woke her up and sang her a birthday song… BUT her reaction was *rubbing her eyes* and asked ‘today my birthday meh?’ *wahlao* i couldnt stop laughing man!! LAME!!! then another lame thing happened again, we couldnt find a PROPER and USABLE knife to cut the cake, so they we ended up using a BIG KNIFE, those people using to CHOP something one, very big one to cut the cake!! ahahaha… damn funnie… it was like chopping the cake only instead of cutting…

oh yea, today i did a good thing!! ekkeke~ i met this new zealand tourist in the city and he asked me the way to go back to his hotel, and the hotel was just near my place, so i brought him there!! then he offered me to have dinner together, but then i was having my DIET plan on!! so i told him that i gotta work couldnt join him~~

ahhaa… then i thought of something… why these days i have fate with UNCLES meh? the tourist around 30s i think!! then on friday’s night in hard kandy also got uncle asked my NEIGHBOUR to intro me to him… then saturday’s night in bubble also got uncle said HI to me but i replied with ‘hi lei lou dao’… hahaha… a bit rude yea… =P but i damn pissed with hamsup uncle~ kekekee!!

and today’s diet plan was NOT BAD!! heeheheh… i had only fruit smoothie for lunch and mushroom soup for dinner!! kekekeke… and puishan’s cake for supper!! not too bad yea~~ =P

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aiks….no need on diet la…sure gain back everything when you come back malaysia. I saw this gal eat mangosteen before, it was like a monkey never had anything for a week, keep eating in front of me..darn

bobo: what someone older than me?
fred: GOT GOT GOT!! wait… i am waiting for my friend to send me the pic!! keekkekeek~

bobo: that one not MY FAULT wor!!
cupid: i wont kill you for sure… i LOVE you so muchie~~~
fred: erm… didnt i state there must be SINGLE+AVAILABLE~~

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