Rest + Relax

SUNDAY!! yea, what a sober morning!! and i had FUN again last night but not too much… as… OLD edi… really feeling tired man!!! it was SATURDAY, so there were actually MANY places to go last night, there was a RAVE, and we could go PHD, and even my NEIGHBOUR asked me to go next blue for the After Exam PArty!!

but then we went to BUBBLE last night, it was a new place to me althought it’s just RIGHT BEHIND MY APARTMENT!! i heard that it was kinda RACIST so we didnt wanna go… but last night, we decided to try it out!! we found that they were very STRICT!! not only checking IDs but checking it under some UV machine to check whether it’s a fake ID or not… *GENG* luckily we all had REAL IDs, even my UNDERAGE friends using friends’ IDs… hahahaah… and luckily there were not racist as what i heard…

went in and the first impression was *WAHHHHHHH* damn nice weik!!! it’s so damn colorful!! the floor was so damn SMOOTH, can shuffle very SMOOTHLY… got girls dancing on podiums one leh~ and i like the decoration, very nice, glowing colors~~!! and people wearing white under UV light turning purple!! *gorgeous*

it’s drinking time, we wanted to get bacardi 151 of course!! BUT BUT BUT, they didnt sell it, and yea, it’s kinda hard to get bacardi 151 though as not everywhere has it~ so we asked for the strongest that they had, it was sounded like ‘CITRUS’ (no idea how to spell it correctly and i couldnt even find it on the web, can anyone help me?) and the conclusion was… WHAT SHIT WAS THAT MAN!! duh~~!!! the awful taste stayed whole night in my mouth~ *gooossshhh* never ever get that again man~~

haiihzz, it was such a low alcohol night as no bacardi 151!! such a few kakiz night, only cheryl, puishan and i with the 2 new friends that we made in K on thursday, peter and winnie!! such a tired night, 3rd night clubbing in a row further more i clubbed after working!! further more, we were having 2 newbies with us!! haahah… peter is 18 and last night was his 2nd time clubbing and 1st time in a hard trance club learning shuffling VERY FAST!! a fast learner!! and his gf winnie is only 15!!! *fainted* low tolerate on alcohol, two shots then she sat there whole night edi… kekekekekeke~ but then, i was still at home when i was 15!! lucky this girl~~

and i was so sleepie man!! i even fell asleep while sitting on the sofa listening to the *pom pom pom* music~~!! *salute* then ended up we walked home!! hahaha… and this peter really funnie!! he was STILL shuffling while we walking home!! and STILL shuffling when he was at my place… really a FREAK man!!

and now, they are all gone to have lunch!! but i am at home~~ coz i am on diet~~lalalalalalalala~ =P

p/s: sorrie to disappoint people out there, NO lesboz action last night due to the absence of bacardi 151… *SI-O-RIE*

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citrus? is that citrus volka? yucks…

barcadi 151 is really bad for you. you can basically light a fire on it. but then again, you need it for the lesbo action… so… go ahead but not too much. 😛

fark 15? inside a club…. that’s crazy!!! 2 shots? down.. hahahaha….. shuffling all the way back? is it the alcohol? seriously this is more interesting than lesbo+french kiss action… hahaha…..

*tsk* *tsk*
hanging out with u and ur gang are the thing that most mommies will warn their children against doing. make innocent 15 year old girl learn the notty notty stuff
*tsk* *tsk*


and you as a responsible adult should decline.. lucky you didn’t lesbo her .. hahaha.. if not u might be charge for harassing a minor.. kekeke… woohoo.. big crime… smooth criminal…

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