hmm… suddenly at this moment, a babyish face appears in my mind… how cute man~~ acting like a baby~~ the manjaness really cute~~!! erm… he is SOMEONE’s BOY~ not mine~ =P

i think i really adore a guy who can act like a baby, manja like a baby SOMETIMES~ it could melt me easily by that… how nice if i could DRAW the face out now to show you people… too bad, i cant!! and i dont know how to describe it though… just imagine a big boy acting like a baby, shaking his head saying ‘no no no’ or saying ‘i want i want i want’ or just imagine a big boy looking at you with his big rolling eyes very sadly and disappointly… *WAHLAO* i cant resist that, seriously!! my whole body will go melting~

hmm… was chatting with my AUNTIE-MOMMIE on msn just now…
me: will you come to pick me up from KLIA?
mom: of course lar…
me: how i know wor, maybe you all not free leh…
mom: not free also must go one lar…
mom: you need me to take leave on the next day?
me: for what?
mom: to accompany you? or you wanna sleep the whole day?

hahahahaha… now i know i am SO IMPORTANT!! kekekeke… of coz ler!! i am the CUTEST… kekekekekekeeek~ well, i still dont know what can i do on the next day…? hahaha…

but this seems to be a GOOD NEWS to my buddies out there hor? as they no need to be FORCED to pick me up!! kekekeke…

Here I Come in *15* Days…

11 replies on “Babyish~”

lolz !!!
do u need to think of wat to do the next day ?
if u too free, come find me lo… ahahaha *lol*
i guess u’ll be busy calling ur buddy(s) out lar
else, they’ll call u out… NO worries !!!

i want i want i want!!! actually i also don’t know what i want!! hahaha…. your mother funny ler weik… can i be her son ar? i want to be mummy’s boy… i want i want i want!

you’ll be slimmed down in kl… trust me. i lose 15 pounds when i first came back from us. i kept drinking water until full already. basically your list of “top 100 most wanted food” will not work until 3 weeks later when you’re ok with the weather. not sure how you cope with the weather though…

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