stoopid wheather~~

damn!! i hate this wheather weik!! beh tahan lar!! farking hot and dry!! then sometimes not that hot!! aiyoorrh!! making me so SICK!! duh~~ it has been a long time i didnt have flu and cough edi~~ donkey betul ni!! *angry*

AND!! MY CHOCOLATES!! what the fark!! all my chocolate cubes like chocolate SYRUP!! wahlaoyeh… really regret why didnt i go home earlier!!! arghhh~~ somemore my mommie misses me so much~~ whahahahaha~~ she kept complaining that i didnt go home earlier~~ woohooo~~ hopefully that she misses me as her cutest daughter in the world and not as bully-target or a FREE-MAID lar!! =P

and yea, last night was chatting with SOMEONE, and we thought of having a TRIP to somewhere… hmm… for relaxation!! woohooo~~ there are a few places in my mind, like erm… singapore, phuket, pangkor, cruise, penang… somewhere not so high budget, not so long journey, not so many days, so that MORE PEOPLE can go!! not too bad right!! then we can have gambling session and drunking session~~!! woohooo~~

and my mind still planning what to do during xmas and new year~~ SOME PEOPLE would have left me alone to KOREA + TAIWAN by the time!! PKs!! duh~ so i will have to plan for myself!! kekekeke… or maybe stay at home to celebrate with family? hmm… LET’S SEE WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN~ kekkekee

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HEY YOU!!!! i know how to do housework one lar!!! but always ACT dont know only… haha… then mar no need to do lor… kekekekeke~

chocolate melted? oh no!!!! and speaking of singapore..i am so pissed off that i have to miss out zoukout on this coming saturday!!! damn…. sure would be a happening event!!!

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